• PVC Reflective Tape

PVC Reflective Tape


PVC Reflective Tape

PVC Reflective Tape is widely used for reflective safety clothing, professional uniforms, sportswear, fashion clothing, hats, gloves, backpacks and personal protective equipment, etc., it can also be made into all kinds of reflective products,such as reflective armbands,reflective key rings,reflective signs,reflective stickers,reflective toys.


Model: PVC Reflective Tape
Material: PVC Reflective Fabric
Colour: White Silver/Fluo Yellow/Fluo Orange.
Domestic Wash & Temperature: >75circles@60 Degrees ( ISO6330:2A )
Width: 2 inches or 5 centimeter, 3 inches/7.5 centimeter
Length: 50 Yard or 46 Meter
Standards: EN20471 Class 2 & EN13356
Application: Sewing on Protective Safety Clothings.