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Rodo Meter is a device that is interchangeably termed as Measuring Wheel in different cities.  Rodo Meter is an important simple machine because it used  extensively to measure distances that are relatively bigger length that are not straight and curvy and or wavy distances.  Different models of Rodo Meter s are available in the market with different wheel sizes, materials etc.  Besides Analogue Rodo Meters which are beginning products in the range that turned into Electronic ones now a days with more accurate reading and multiple options of different length modes (Metric & Inches, Feet) and with multiple memory options.  Because of versatility of the machine besides its easy to carry shape, this product has won appraisal of industry people.

We have our products with following specifications:

>  Besides Distance mode in Metric (Meter, Kilometer etc), that has  Inch, Feet, Yard measuring too.

>  Electronic digits that are more accurate and clear

>  Digital Display unit with Multiple Memory options

>  Superior Design with Water Resistant and Dust Resistant  key pad

>  Telescopic handle ( Dual Fold )

>  Easy to carry construction

>  Rubberized wheel that is adaptive of different terrain conditions including slippery ones.

>  Most importantly it is a Value for Money Product

Technical Data:

>  Maximum Measuring range: 10000 Meters OR 9999.9 Feet

>  Accuracy of +/- 0.5%

>  Display Resolution: 0.1m

>  Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V Battery ( AAA Size)

>  Suitable Temperature: -10 Degree to + 45 Degree


The requirement of such quality machines are always high, therefore we carry a stock of  large number of Rodo Meter ( Measuring Wheels) that is made available in UAE within 2 to 48 Hours from  our Warehouse.  Traders will get special price.

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