Canasafe Safety Helmet (Hard Hat) – Impactor III



Canasafe Impactor III

Protect with iMPactoRâ„¢? Insurance Where it Matters!
Styling? Features? Innovation? That is iMPactorTâ„¢ III by CanaSafe. Serious helmets for serious situations. Solving the problems your head encounters!

iMPactoRâ„¢ III is designed to channel air along the top of the shell, eliminating air pockets being trapped and causing heat build up. Positioned slots on top of the shell provide additional ventilation.

Twizlocâ„¢ featuring Swivelâ„¢ Design, neckband angle automatically maintains correct nape placement.
ABS Shell
Optional Pushlocâ„¢ harness availabe
Standard accessory slots located on the balance point ensure maximum wearer comfort
Incorporates CanaSafeâ„¢ EAPâ„¢ (Energy Absorbing Points)

Replacement Sweatband individual bag (45200)

Spare Pushloc Harness (45205)
Case: 20
Case weight: 19.84 lbs. / 9 kg
Case dimensions: 456 x 306 x 706 mm / 18 x 12 x 27.8 inch

Spare Twizloc Harness (45206)
Box/case: 20
Case weight: 21.2 lbs. / 9.6 kg
Case dimensions: 648 x 463 x 530 mm / 648 x 463 x 530 inch